Ken is an amazing agent! He was very patient and thorough with me throughout the whole process. I have a history of cancer so he worked with me to find the very best policy for my situation. He also helped me to insure my mother and children. Now we are all set for what life has destined for us!

Bob Smith
Morristown, NJ

Mr. Thomas is the reason my family and I have insurance. He explains the process, gives us side by side illustrations, presents us with options, and put us in the position to make the best-informed decision based on the facts he presented in coordination with our budget and makes It all make sense. His excitement surrounding his work is unmatched and we can’t help but get excited with him as he helps us to understand the process as he understands it when helping us to see the importance and the benefits of our loved ones having courage. He presented options I never knew existed and I am and always will be grateful.

Joan Cunnigham
Woodbury, NY

I have never been interested in life insurance believed I needed it, until having a conversation with Ken. He expressed how important it is and explained my options. I am satisfied with my decision. Mr. Thomas also did further follow-up check-ins with me after the process was over.

Peter Young
Bristol, CT

I am so thankful to Ken for educating me on the importance of life insurance, but most importantly, he educated me on the different life insurance companies and policies that are out. I had life insurance in the past but was not educated on much regarding the different types of insurance. I eventually let that insurance policy lapse. Many years passed, and I began to realize that I needed to get a good life insurance policy for myself and my son. I can't stress enough how thorough Ken is and how passionate he is about selling life insurance. I refer as many people as I can to him because I know they will be in good hands.

Brandy Peters
Brooklyn, NY